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Archive for Month: October 2016

Cineversity CV-VRcam Plugin now supported!

Now Supported : Cineversity CV-VRcam

Cineversity CV-VRcam

This great plugin allows Cinema 4d modelers to create VR content using Cinema4d. The Cineversity CV-VRcam plugin is now supported on our render service.

Render your VR content now with the Cineversity CV-VRcam plugin. Set your cameras and render instant content for your VR headset.

CV-VRcam is available for Cinema 4d R17 & 18.

Send us your CV-VRcam file for test rendering. Get in touch 

Use the Calculator for an estimate, or contact us directly to test your file and receive a quote.


-Team Morecores

Cinema 4D Release 18 now available

Cinema 4d Release 18 - Morecores Render Service

We are proud to serve you the latest Cinema 4d Release 18!

Our render nodes are happily waiting for your Cinema 4d R18 compositions!

Contact support for questions!

-Team Morecores

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