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Autodesk 3DSMAX 2018 support added [beta]

Autodesk 3DSMAX 2018

Autodesk 3DSMAX 2018

After requests from several users we have added support for Autodesk 3DSMAX 2018.

Starting with 3DSMAX 2018 we will add support for other Autodesk products as well.

Render your Autodesk 3DSMAX 2018 projects at Morecores Render Service with a 50% credit on your render project.


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Autodesk 3DSMAX 2018 / Arnold Renderer :


  • The MAXtoA plugin includes Arnold version 5
  • Volumetric effects with OpenVDB support
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Procedural (proxy) objects allow scene interchange with other Arnold plugins
  • Extensive array of built-in Arnold professional shaders and materials
  • Supports 3rd party shaders compiled for Windows and Arnold 5
  • Easy Image-Based-Lighting workflow with separate Environment and Background capabilities
  • Arnold Properties modifier controls rendertime effects and options per-object
  • Arbitrary Output Variable (AOV) support for compositing and post-processing
  • Depth-of-Field, Motion Blur and camera Shutter effects
  • New VR camera
  • New easier-to-use layered Standard Surface with Disney compatibility, replacing Arnold Standard Shader
  • New melanin-driven Standard Hair Shader with simpler parameters and artistic controls for more natural results
  • Supports Photometric lights for easy Revit interop. Full support of 3ds Max Physical material and legacy maps.
  • All-in-one Arnold light supports textured area lights, mesh lights, Skydome and Distant light sources.
  • New Portal mode for Quad and Skydome lights to improve sampling interior scenes.
  • New Roundness and Soft Edge options for Quad and Spot lights.
  • Scene Converter presets and scripts to upgrade legacy scenes.

*50% of the render project price will be credited to user’s account funds. 

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