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Next limit Maxwell Render v4

Maxwell Render V4

Morecores add support for Next-limit Technologies Maxwell v4 render engine on the Morecores Render Service Platform.

After requests by Maxwell Render V4 power-user Wieger Poutsma of Fisk-Imaging, who at the time was looking for a Render Service that supports Maxwell v4, Morecores has developed support for Next-limit Technologies’s Maxwell v4 renderer. With great support from Maxwell’s Sales representative Martin van Stein we were able to speed up platform development for Maxwell Render V4. After testing procedures we can now deliver our performance to all Maxwell v4 users worldwide.

Meanwhile we have delivered Maxwell v4 renders for Wieger, as he had a very tight deadline on his latest project. 


Currently we can deliver 100 36-core Xeon 60gb Maxwell v4 nodes simultaneously. Every node has a Cine bench score of 2520 CB points. Thus resulting in the power of 252000 CB points available capacity for your project. Other configurations are available upon request. Depending on the type of render project, animation or still, we wil decide what will deliver the best price/performance for your project.


At morecores we deliver your projects with personal support. Contact us for your project, we discuss your preferences, and test your file. Then we quote a price for the job. Calculate your project using our Render Farm Cost Calculator Payments are handled through our payment gateway. All mayor creditcards are accepted as wel as Paypal. Deposit funds into your account for your convenience. 

File transactions are handled through Morecores Cloud, with its client allowing 2-way communication. You transfer the files to our cloud and the results are synced back to your desktop automatically. Our cloud client ensures your files are checksummed when synchronizing them in our Cloud, and back to your workstation.


As we already mentioned, we deliver our renders with personal support. Our support takes your project from start to delivery.

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